1. Alkemy Brothers
    Los Angeles, California
  2. Karina Jones
    Los Angeles, California
  3. Autorall
    São Paulo, Brazil
  4. Francesco Demegni
    Gubbio, Italy
  5. Mi Corazon Negro
    Kansas City, Missouri
  6. Aleksey Zhahin
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  7. No Limits Project
    Moscow, Russia
  8. Gnowee
    Paris, France
  9. Electronic Yellow Jammer
    Paris, France
  10. LBA Records
    Los Angeles, California
  11. Bad Employees
    Huntington, West Virginia
  12. Bent Ant Records
    Los Angeles, California
  13. LBA Composers
    Los Angeles, California
  14. Wagmore Records
    Los Angeles, California


Nessel Music Los Angeles, California

With over 1000 songs released since 2008, LBA Records and the sister labels; Bent Ant, Wagmore, and LBA Composers, have sought out talented artists from around the world and made their music available for appreciation by fans. Since diversity is the key to success for just about everything, our music spans many genres from pop to EDM to jazz. ... more

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